The Penthouse Restaurant is made up of two rooms: Alfresco Room, and the Main Penthouse Restaurant. The Penthouse Restaurant caters to a variety of palates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These two rooms serve as a restaurant as well as a function rooms where parties, baptisms, weddings, and more events may take place.

While dining in the Alfresco room, you can see the beautiful view of the Capitol Building, the gorgeous Philippine sunset and the luscious mountains, as well as the busy street below you while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. This Alfresco room can fit around 30 people comfortably. It is also where many business meetings and seminars take place.

Our Main Penthouse Restaurant, open from 6:00am to10:00pm, contains a café, bar, and restaurant. It is a place where many friends and family can get together and enjoy each others company. This room can fit ninety to a hundred people comfortably.

If you are looking for a night of fun, do not hesitate to ask for our Karaoke Machine and sing the night away.